Bringing gCn Coin to the masses.

gCn Coin has been around since 2014, one of the older and more established cryptocurrencies. With the role-out of Gcar, Gfile, App Games and its own exchange IRCEX that hosts many AAA Cryptocurrencies, gCn is now making its way into the social media space.
As someone with a nice pocket full of gCn, this excites me a lot and am excited to see where this might lead. With the emergence of Reddcoin and Steemit, gCn has an opportunity to become unique and start playing with the big boys of the crypto world. But what does unique look like? How does gCn stand out from the crowd? It's hard to argue that is not a great start, and although in infancy stage, the site looks and feels professional. 
I'd like to put it to the people to use this post as an ideas board... What are some ideas gCn could utilise to excite the crypto world, how do YOU want to use gCn 'hand in hand' with 
Leave your thoughts or comments below, maybe even share this post so more people have an opportunity the share theirs thoughts. 
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