How to Hatch Eggs in TemTem

Temtem is a new PC MMO clearly inspired by Pokemon, and it's full of different ways to make creatures form your team. This way you can complete the breeding process and this guide will tell players all about how to hatch eggs in Temtem. Players can also prepare plenty of Temtem Pansun in the game.


How to Check Temtem Fertility

To prevent you from turning your Temtem into a breeding machine, Crema already does this, so Temtem can only breed up to eight times, and only if they are at full fertility. Each time a Temtem produces offspring, their fertility value is reduced by 1.


Here's how to check your Temtem's fertility.


If you're using a keyboard, press Esc or if you're using an Xbox controller, press the LT trigger to bring up the main menu.

Select the squad from the first drop-down list.

Your current party will be displayed on the screen. Select Temtem The statistics of the Temtem you want to check will appear.

Look at the teal leaves in the upper right corner of the screen. Depending on how full the leaves are, your Temtem can multiply eight times or less in total. This reber can reproduce eight times because all seven leaves and stems are full.


You need to know the fertility of your Temtem so you can strategically help any egg get the best stats. Be sure to check your Temtem's fertility values ​​before sending them to a breeding center.


How to Hatch Eggs

Now, when you're ready to hatch your eggs, you'll need to return to the breeding center and make room in your active ranks. Take it and add it to your party and set off on an adventure again. Leaving the egg in the breeding center won't see it hatch, so be sure to take it with you.


It then takes anywhere from 5 to 45 minutes in real time to actually hatch. The time required depends on the rarity of the Temtem you are trying to hatch. If it is difficult to find or catch, you will find it takes longer to hatch.


Just wander around or keep following the story and it will hatch on its own. It'll tell you when it's ready to burst, so keep your fingers crossed for the Luma version.


In a nutshell, hatch eggs in Temtem:

The Game Breeding Center on Route 5 begins the breeding process.

Wait 15 or 25 minutes for the eggs to hatch.

Clear a space in your team and collect eggs.

Then, keep playing for 45 minutes and the eggs will hatch.


That's all you need to know about how to hatch eggs in Temtem. For more Temtem guides please subscribe to

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