I Ran A Custom Croissant Shop For A Day

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HELLO FRIENDS!! So, the internet loves croissants. And, coincidentally, so do I. So after falling down a cronut hole of croissant content - I decided, I needed to make some frickin croissants. And surprisingly, Black Box Bakery in Denver agreed to take me on as a pastry apprentice! Not only did I get a high-altitude pastry bootcamp - learning how to laminate my own dough, and roll my own classic croissants - but I also got to create my own custom, semi-goth, cream-filled croissant CUBE - that you can actually try at Black Box Bakery if you go there in person!! What do you think? Beetlejuice or beetleJUICY?

A big thank you to everyone at Black Box Bakery for helping us out with this video; make sure to check them out here! ​​https://www.blackboxbakery.com/
and https://www.instagram.com/blackbox_bakery/

If you’re interested in trying our custom croissant cube for yourself, they will be available Friday, Saturday, & Sunday for the next month! You can either pre-order the Safiya x Black Box Croissant online for pickup here https://order.toasttab.com/online/black-box-bakery-5505-w-20th-ave-unit-182 or visit Black Box Bakery in person while supplies last!

(this video is NOT sponsored by Black Box Bakery and we are not receiving any portion of their sales - they are just a cool small business we love!)

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Executive Producers: Safiya Nygaard & Tyler Williams
Production Manager / Producer: Melissa Douglas
Junior Associate Producer: Ishara Mathews
Content Promotions & Video Packaging Manager: Alaina Simmons
Editor: Andrew Lainhart
Editor: Mandy Padgett
Editor: Hailey Cox
Graphic Designer: Dayana Espinoza

0:00 Intro
3:52 Off to Denver!
5:16 Mise En Place
7:29 Mixing & Forming Our Dough
10:05 Laminating Our Dough
12:53 Classic Butter Croissant Tutorial
15:47 Making The Viral Mulled Wine Croissant Cube
17:56 Making & Rolling Our Custom Cube
20:47 Making The Fillings For Our Quaso
24:10 Day 2: Baking Day
27:25 Decorating The Mulled Wine Cubes
29:24 Our Custom Cube Croissant Deco
31:40 Taste Test
35:18 Outro

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