Wild Dashcam Video Shows Columbus Police Chase With 2 Teens in Stolen Hyundai

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Columbus, Ohio — On May 7, 2024, just after 1:15 p.m., Whitehall Police were alerted via Flock cameras to a stolen vehicle taken out of a previous aggravated robbery incident in Columbus. While the chase originally began in Whitehall, Whitehall police requested assistance from Columbus police. The two suspects led police on a chase in the stolen vehicle, then got out and stole another vehicle. At some point during the chase, the driver of the stolen Hyundai struck a police cruiser head-on near Clime and River Bend Roads in southwest Franklin County. Three other cruisers were damaged during the chase. As the chase continued, an officer was able to use a pit maneuver and the Hyundai crashed into a tree. Officers took the teens into custody. Both have a history with stolen cars. Both teens are being held in juvenile detention until their next hearing.

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