Candace Owens vs Piers Morgan On Daily Wire, Israel, Kanye & More

Candace Owens is the kind of firebrand that only comes around once in a generation. Black, conservative and proudly anti-feminist, Candace became a right-wing darling by breaking the mould of what a conservative looks like. She joins Piers Morgan on Uncensored with no love lost between them.

Piers starts off by questioning her on her now infamous departure from The Daily Wire, amid allegations of antisemitism. The conversation then turns to Israel, and Candace condemns its methods against Hamas, saying they aren’t being careful at all. Perhaps her most dramatic claim however, is that the First Lady of France, Brigette Macron, was actually born a man. In this fierce showdown, Piers and Candace give as good as they get.

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00:00 - Introduction
01:00 - Piers read Candace's mean tweets about him
02:55 - Why did Candace really leave The Daily Wire?
04:00 - Ben Shapiro and Andrew Klavan
09:00 - Accusations of antisemitism
10:25 - Israel and Palestine
27:00 - "Christians are the most persecuted in the world"
31:00 - Rabbi Shmuley
35:00 - Kanye West
40:00 - The Covid vaccine
52:00 - Conspiracy theories and Brigitte Macron
01:05:00 - Sean 'Diddy' Combs
01:09:00 - Ukraine: “I think Zelensky is a criminal”
01:14:08 - "The West is failing"
01:15:15 - "Taylor Swift is the most toxic feminist ever"

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