#ThumbsUpForBrawl is the newest Brawl Stars community event that will reward you if you are nice!

The goal is simple: Use the Thumbs Up Pin as much as possible!
Every time anyone uses the Pin, it adds to the tracker bar, and you unlock rewards
If the community reaches 10 Billion Thumbs Ups, everyone will get 5 Legendary Starr Drops at the end of the event!

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Milestones & Rewards
From the start - Double Daily Starr Drops
100 Million Thumbs Up - Double XP
200 Million - Double Mastery Madness
500 Million - Legendary Starr Drop
1 Billion - Legendary Starr Drop
2 Billion - Legendary Starr Drop
5 Billion - Legendary Starr Drop
10 Billion - Legendary Starr Drop

Remember you need to have at least 400 Trophies to claim these rewards!

The #ThumbsUpForBrawl event starts NOW and ends in 10 days on June 20th!

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