The Secret World of Dublin's Asylum Seekers (2024)

Tent Hunting Aslyum Seekers. Join me on a journey as I accompany asylum seekers seeking refugee camps, and to where they will be receiving tents as part of assistance programs. Experience firsthand the process of seeking shelter by new arrivals to Dublin Ireland and learn more about the support systems in place for refugees. Watch as we explore the situation of individuals seeking to become part of the Irish system.

Walk with me.

Ireland is struggling with an increase in refugees and asylum seekers numbers (some we know are unvetted and undocumented), while we no longer look after our own homeless, many of whom are dying on the streets. (See playlist). This is not an opinion. This is a fact. Some would say Ireland is full. There are 14k Irish homeless, 4k of which are children.

As frustrations build among the people of Ireland who see the influx, we allow our own remain in emergency accommodation and unsafe hostels. My only aim in posting this video is to document the harsh conditions and show the reality of Dublin without the veneer the media tend to gloss it over with as I learn about the struggles faced by asylum seekers and the homeless in Dublin Ireland.

In Ireland, there is an anti-immigration backlash and a rising anti-immigration movement as a result of issues such as the Rwanda Bill, illegal immigrants arriving without passports, and unvetted migrants. We know approximately 85% of those seeking asylum are unvetted and we know that the quantities coming from countries that are not at war are economic migrants. We fear the non-stop buses from Belfast open border as a result of the Rwanda bill

This eye-opening video shows scenes of Dublin's Mount Street tent city IPO refugee camp newly positioned along the Dublin canal, where homeless asylum seekers face harsh living conditions and threats to their own safety. Learn about the reality of refugees in Ireland and how to stay safe in Dublin.
Join us as we investigate Dublins Tent City's (Skid Row) downward spiral, shedding light on unvetted asylum seekers and the impact on the homeless in Ireland as the nation calls for deportations that are not happening

Questions we should be asking:
Should we look at how Denmark took a hard line on Immigrants?
Should Police (Garda) clear the 'tent city' of Dublin's asylum seekers?
Why is the DCC still destroying the tents of the Irish homeless?
Do the Irish fear that migrants are taking over as illegal immigration from Afghanistan, Jordan, Pakistan, and Nigeria flood our streets?
How are asylum seekers getting through passport control without documents?
Are mass deportations on the horizon and do we need a new government to rectify our present issues or will Simon Harris, Roderic O'Gorman, and Helen McEntee change tactics with the upcoming elections?
Are we ignoring Ireland's hidden homelessness crisis?

On this channel discover the shocking truth of asylum seekers in Ireland as we reveal the complexities of immigration. From deceptive tactics to bypass passport control to instances of fraud involving taxi licenses and social welfare benefits, the reality of asylum seekers in Ireland is brought to light.

There are a few key labels used to describe concerned/patriotic citizens in Ireland, that aim to demonise and create shock in an attempt to silence decent people due to fears of this judgment. We need to see through this labeling if we are to progress in any way in this great nation.

I advocate for the Irish homeless and those homeless in Dublin. If you believe all these issues are not so serious I advise you to take a walk down Moore St. The topics I post cover issues such as illegal immigrants without passports, unvetted migrants, economic migrants, refugees in Ireland and of course the Irish homeless who area at the root of my concerns about decaying Ireland,

Our immigration system is out of control. We have what can only be called a crisis as asylum seekers bus from Belfast to Dublin Daily.

00:00 Intro
00:34 Description of the day
03:15 Collecting Tents with Asylum Seekers
08:52 A Homeless Story

Topics in this series:
1: Homeless in Ireland
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3: Refugees Ireland
4: Immigration Ireland
5: Housing crisis Ireland
6: Homeless in Dublin
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8: Homeless Dublin
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10: Hidden Homelessness Crisis Ireland
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